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Leakworx is a cooperation of two Dutch companies: Gevelscan and Sensemagic.

Our mission is to develop products to visualize energy loss and wastage and our first product is Ultragraphyx, a measurement procedure and apparatus to visualize air tightness and leaks in joints and seals using ultrasound.

It is mainly aimed at the construction industry (doors, windows, construction elements, prefab, airtighness of plumbing- and electrical penetrations or firestops, fire doors, cleanrooms, etc).

The advantage over existing methods is that Ultragraphyx can be used in the early stages of  constructions when the building is not closed and airtight and existing techniques such as pressure testing or thermal cameras are not usable.

For inquires or purchase of an Ultragraphyx system please visit www.ultragraphyx.com or contact Theo d’Achard van Enschut on +31620113545 or Luc Holtkamp on +31618265570 or send an mail to info@leakworx.com